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Wheatgrass Blueeye

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[NXS, Inc.]

  • South Korea South Korea

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Wheatgrass Blueeye



Helps digestion activity by using powdered wheat grass, wheat dietary fiber, etc. as main ingredients.
Contains 20.5% of powdered berries(blueberry, bilberry, acai berry, aronia) good for the eyes.
Eye healthy food contains marigold(raw material of lutein) extract powder, vitamin A and B.



Model Number : NXS 04 

Manufacturing Country : South Korea  

Product Type : General product (Other processed product)  

Package : 3g x 30 bags (90g)  

Manufacturer : SK Natural Pharm, Co. 

Directions : Take once or twice a day, 1 bag per once with water  

Feature : Eye healthy food contains 20.5% of powdered berries and marigold extract powder  

Ingredients : Wheat dietry fiber(Australian), Powdered wheat grass(Korean), Chicory fiber(Chile), Blueberry extract powder(USA), Bilberry extract powder, Freeze dried Acaiberry powder, Freeze dried Aronia powder, Marigold extract powder, Lactobacillus plantarum,  β-Carotene, Poly-gamma glutamic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, etc.  

Expiration Date : 24 months  

Preservation Method : Store this product at room temperature 

# of Product per Box : 40 box / 1carton 

Payment terms : T/T, L/C ......  

Delivery Terms : FOB Incheon in South Korea(negotiable)